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    #inktober day 19

    More Rory. For specific reasons, Cait would be fairly hesitant to see her family again, especially if she wasn’t exactly voluntarily in William’s presence. Having a Rory on your side is a good way to disarm those emotions.

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    i don’t really shun haters publicly that much, but this one’s quite special. i know this asshole last year, and he is possibly the most selfish and rudest furry artist i’ve ever met.

    so let me talk about this antho guy and why he says that shit.


    in the first few weeks he watched my works in dA, this asshole just came by to me and asked me to draw his character. like i’m not even friends with this guy, he’s just an acquaintance to me by that time, and he’s now asking me to draw his character. i didn’t take him seriously just let that comment pass by. i said nothing offensive to him.

    but i did draw his character through dA muro (i think on his birthday), but i did not get a response from him. not even a “thank you” (that’s all i want to read from the recipient after making a gift art). that’s quite insulting.

    then one time i drew some april fool’s gift art for several of my friends in dA (not including him because we’re still not really friends that time. he just faves my stuff, and barely talks to me or comments on my stuff), and he left me this amazing comment.


    that even included an angry emoticon on the side (cut out from screenshot)

    i’m just like thinking “what the fuck is this?… are you seriously forcing me to draw gift art for you? after i drew you a gift art weeks ago and not getting a response?” so that angered me, but i didn’t give him a knuckle sandwich on the face as a reply, i just said a one-word-reply to his questionable behavior (either “seriously?” or “really?”, i can’t recall exactly), so he then he shifts the mood and said that it was just an april fool’s joke (as if to take what he said back), but that didn’t convince me and shit; you can tell he did a terrible transition on that. so then it spiraled down to the point where this asshole began telling his friends on facebook and possibly twitter that i’m a terrible person because i never drew his blank-staring character. fucking a.

    he apologized soon and blah blah. but that doesn’t mean i’m already friends with him again (as how he sees it)…


    … i just don’t see how i would trust this guy after being slandered upon and throwing a hissy fit for something as shallow as not drawing his character, again. like i said, i’m not even friends with this guy, nor do i find his character that interesting, so why would i force myself to draw him gift-art?

    soon enough, more peeps are starting to notice his horrid behavior and lose some respect for him. one of them, is that person he mentioned in that message above. andr3zz used to be one of his close friends but now he’s antho’s “arch-nemesis” (after some arguments and stuff. also for the same reason as mine, he got jealous because andr3zz didn’t draw him in his group gift-arts… and that he deleted the antho gift-arts in his gallery after antho started showing his shit attitude more often). one of my friends also posted something about him in some furry infamy blog.

    he hasn’t really changed up to now (as evidenced by the above screenshots, because that’s regarding noku’s gift art for me which i just received a couple of weeks ago). he’s not even mentally disabled, he’s just that horrible as a person. he’s still an asshole who thinks he can get what he wants. he still thinks he can hide his bullshit in twitter and bash the people he hates while playing victim. i can’t believe he’s not banned yet.

    i guess it’s also safe for me to show this in public now.


    i’m not even exaggerating on those quotes, he does say some of those to people. (he’s pretty addicted to yiff too, but that’s no surprise. furries.)

    antho is selfish and shallow as fuck, and will try to talk shit about you if you don’t follow his orders. you should avoid making him gift art; it powers his ego. also, that primadonna drawing above is basically him in a nutshell.