1. occoris:

    Started drawing a space dog while I was waiting for paint to dry

    ITS ME :33

    Thanks dude! :333

  2. rustyxiv:

    Current mood

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  4. pittielove:


    I can never get enough of this

    Fine by me.

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  5. azurescorch:

    The Peak District, UK.

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  6. jimllpaintit:

    Handy Andy and Tommy Walsh, having attached belt sanders to their feet like roller skates, are jousting with metre-long drill bits in their drill of choice. Tommy Walsh has opted for a sensible 36V Bosch SDS hammer drill; while Handy Andy only has a second hand Ryobi 12V drill with a missing battery as it’s all he could afford. The joust is taking place in the engine room of the Event Horizon.

    As requested by Ben

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